Nenko and Aziya of 10Б

A little story from 10th grade:
During their final test, my co-teacher said to a student,
“Ivelina, you’re pregnant aren’t you?”
“Yeah, since when did you know?” Ivelina responded without looking up from her test.
“You should start running at the track, look at you!” As she said it, my co-teacher gestured towards Ivelina’s stomach, bursting out of the trendy little cropped vest she wore over her t-shirt.
“How can I run when I’m pregnant?”
I let out a little sigh of relief. Ivelina’s not pregnant.

I understood every word of the conversation but completely missed the sarcasm at first. Both possibilities- that Ivelina actually is pregnant or that my co-teacher was just criticizing her weight- seemed to me equally likely.


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