How can that be?

I like all of my coworkers but one. He’s one of the four male teachers in the school and he teaches Russian. He likes to ask me, and all the female teachers, very deliberate, personal questions. When I answer his questions as briefly as I can he repeats what I’ve said in a condescending tone, followed by a little chuckle.
This morning between third and fourth period he said to me, “Christ is risen!”
“Umn, thanks. Same to you.”
“‘Same to you,’ she says.”
“Are you Christian?” The geography teacher asked me.
“Actually, no,” I answered.
“She’s not Christian! How can that be?” Mused the Russian teacher to no one in particular.
“Umn, I’m not.”
“What is your religion?”
“I don’t have a religion.” There are many atheists and generally non-practicing people in Bulgaria.
“She doesn’t have a religion! How can that be?”
“My family used to have many religions. They were Jewish, Catholic, Protestant.”
“And which one do your parents believe in?”
“They don’t believe in a religion either.” Class was a moment from starting and I was walking out the door.
“Aha, her parents don’t believe in a religion. Do they at least believe in Communism?”
As I closed the door behind me I replied, “They especially don’t believe in Communism.”



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7 responses to “How can that be?

  1. Uncle Johnny

    Did you forget that we worship sports on TV?

  2. Martyn Dunn

    I believe Gomohamudda. God, Mohammad, Budda blend. And Festivus for the rest of us. And now for the grievances. This year I only lost tools.

  3. M- you lost tools? Not my special Bob silver spade I hope. Donkeys are Gods as far as I’m concerned.

  4. You guys all crack me up. I worship my kitties and Bulgarian hospitality.

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