Home canning adventures

Yesterday my counterpart, Nataliya, took me to her parents’ house in a nearby village to preserve some of the surplus veggies from their garden by making lyutenitza.  Here are some photos.

Once school starts I will probably do some things that don’t involve the preparation and consumption of food.



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7 responses to “Home canning adventures

  1. Martyn Dunn

    Were still waiting for our tomatoes. Do the eggplant & peppers get mixed with the tomatoes?

  2. Just chili powder (Bulgarians aren’t very creative with their spices, if you ask me). I think it would also be good with some basil!

  3. Aiii. Not so safe to re-can with used lids like that…. but if it works for them (and granny’s lasted this long), why not!

    Lovin’ the blog.

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