A couple days ago on the news there was a story about a vending machine that dispenses milk.  You bring your own receptacle,  put some money in, and milk comes out.  At the bottom of the screen it said “nyamesh krava, no piesh mlyako.”  Which means, “you don’t have a cow, but you drink milk.”  They interviewed a woman who was identified on the bottom of the screen as a “farmer.”  She was happy about the new vending machines, because they would make her product even more accessible to cow-less Bulgarians.

This was on the national evening news.



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  1. Martyn Dunn

    Holy cow.

  2. Aiza Golledge

    there are no grocery stores? i would totally have a cow.

  3. gramps

    I am reading your posts and loving them. Hope to see you in September. How does one get to Iskar?

  4. James

    Let us know if you find any vending machines with which you can barter or haggle.

  5. Update: it turns out that “нямаш крава, но пиеш мляко” is the Bulgarian equivalent to “Why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free?” Of course!

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