I live in Iskar.  Iskar is a town of less than 4,000 people in northern Bulgaria, also known as Pelovo.  The town was formerly named after Pelo Pelov, a local communist of note.  According to this website, the president of Bulgaria changed the name in the late nineties.  Iskar is the name of the nearby river, and I assume the town was called Iskar before Pelov’s glory.  Today, locals seem fine with the name change, although you’ll still hear many people call it “Pelovo,” the way you still hear people refer to Leningrad instead of St. Petersburg.

Some photos are posted to the right.



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2 responses to “zdrasti

  1. It’s nice to see this up and running. You have a follower out of me. Miss you!

  2. Martyn Dunn

    Keepem coming.

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